Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At PorthouseDean we take quality very seriously. Strict measures and systematic working practices are in place to ensure we deliver a quality service and product. The company is ISO9001 registered, which means we have certified and audited quality systems in place to ensure continual improvement, and the highest quality possible.

PorthouseDean Quality System

The PorthouseDean Quality System is used for every project we undertake. This systematic way of approaching an engineering design project greatly reduces the numbers of mistakes made and ensures a consistently higher quality product.

A minimum of 3 engineers are involved in each project, and each project is checked/approved thoroughly prior to being issued. Please see below for a brief summary of our quality system.

*What is a Detailed Check? – the checking engineer will check the project information (i.e. client details, project address, document referencing etc), as well as double checking all the input measurements/loadings. Spelling errors are also identified and all notes are checked.

**What is a High Level Check – this is undertaken by a senior engineer and they review the documentation to identify any potential problems with the proposed structural scheme. It is the role of the senior checking engineer to ensure the proposals are structurally suitable, buildable, cost effective and aesthetically appealing to the client. Once the senior engineer is happy with the documentation it will be “approved” and be issued to the client via email.

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