1 Timeframes

1.1 Issuing of Documents

All documents are issued in PDF format via e-mail. We will send the documents to the e-mail addresses that you enter into the online form at the time of accepting our quotation. Please note:

  • We do not issue paper copies of our documents.
  • We do not issue documentation until payment has been received.

1.2 Standard Turnaround Service

Our average turnaround from the time of instruction over a 2-3 month period is stated on the quotation issued, which forms the contract between us (PorthouseDean Limited) and you (the client). This is to offer an indication of how long it will take for the work to be completed from receipt of instruction. We don’t offer guaranteed turnaround times as different jobs take different lengths of time which are hard to predict, and, whilst we will endeavour to deliver your project within the average turnaround timeframe, we cannot sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency. If you require a more expedient service we recommend that you opt for the priority service, which will come at a premium on our quoted fee (refer to quotation for details).

1.3 Priority Level Service

The priority service enables your job to go straight to the top of our job list, and in most cases the job is delivered within 1-3 working days from receipt of instruction. If your job is expected to take longer than this timeframe we will notify you in advance, either in the quotation, or as part of a separate e-mail. Regrettably sometimes jobs do take a little longer than this; usually because there is something more technically complex than we expected.

2 Payment

2.1 Terms

Payment terms are 10 working days from the date of acceptance. PorthouseDean Limited will not issue your information until payment has been received, therefore it is better to make your payment earlier so that as soon as the information has been finalised it can be issued. We will not be liable for any delays which occur as a result of not having received payment.

2.2 Invoicing

You should receive a PDF invoice to your e-mail address within 1 day of submitting your quote acceptance.

2.3 Card Payments

You can pay your bill online by entering your card details, either immediately after submitting your instruction, or at another time convenient to you.

2.4 Bank Transfers

We can accept BACS payments. Our bank account number and sort code are detailed within your invoice.

2.5 Cheques / Postal Orders

We do not accept cheques or Postal Orders.

3 Returns / Refunds

3.1 Cancelled Jobs

If you decide after instructing us that you no longer require our services we will offer a refund commensurate with the amount of work yet to be completed. If the work is 100% complete at the time you inform us that you wish to cancel, you will be liable to pay for the full amount invoiced. If you cancel before we have started the work then we may be able to offer you a full refund. The proportion of refund available will be determined by PorthouseDean, however we will listen to any reasonable arguments against our refund offer, and give them fair consideration.

It should be noted that by instructing PorthouseDean Limited you are committing to pay the full amount stated in the invoice relating to the quote that you have agreed to. As such PorthouseDean Limited reserves the right to claim the full amount of the agreed fee from you.

3.2 Calculations for Structures Specified / Designed by Others

If we are asked to numerically substantiate a structure which has been specified by others and are unable to substantiate that structure, then we reserve the right to issue the documentation with calculations that show that the structure fails. You will not be entitled to a refund in this case, however, if possible / reasonable to do so we will advise you in advance of instruction whether or not we expect a structure to be adequate.

3.3 Documents Returned by Building Control on Technical Grounds

PorthouseDean Limited will do everything we can to satisfy technical concerns or queries raised by Building Control departments about any document that we have produced. In the unlikely event that one of our documents cannot be passed by building control on technical grounds (with the responsibility lying solely with PorthouseDean Limited) and we are unable to provide technical justification, we will offer refunds commensurate with the proportion of the structure that we have been unable to design to the satisfaction of building control.

It should be noted that in attempting to satisfy the requirements of building control we expect the cooperation of all concerned in terms of agreeing to any changes that may be required on site, and working towards a solution that satisfies all concerned.

If there are structural elements which were not part of our agreed scope of works that building control require calculations for, then there are two possible outcomes:

1) If PorthouseDean Limited could reasonably have been expected to foresee a requirement for these elements by building control and have not offered them as part of our quotation, then we will provide the calculations for these elements at no additional charge and issue them as part of a revised document.

2) If PorthouseDean Limited could not reasonably have been expected to foresee a requirement for these elements, or if these elements were included in the quotation as an “Additional Service” which we were not instructed to proceed with, then there will likely be an additional charge. This price for these items will either already have been quoted as part of the original quotation, or will be quoted for as part of a new quotation. You will need to instruct us for the additional items in order for us to proceed with the re-design.

4 Complaints

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the service or product provided by PorthouseDean Limited you can submit your complaint by e-mail to either info@porthousedean.co.uk, or the e-mail address of the engineer that you dealt with as part of your preliminary appraisal / engagement. Alternatively, you can submit comments via our customer satisfaction survey form, which can be found at the following link: http://www.porthousedean.co.uk/satisfaction.aspx?ref_id=.

5 Technical Queries

If you have any technical queries then you can submit your enquiry via the online form which is accessible at the following link: http://www.porthousedean.co.uk/knowledgebase/. You will also find a searchable technical database, which may help to answer some of your queries.

6 Changes Requests

6.1 Review of Element Specifications

If you would like us to try to specify an element with different geometry or material properties (e.g. beam size, footing size, foundation ground bearing capacity) then we will review the document for you at least once at no additional charge. We will seek to agree the final specification with you prior to revising the documentation (if indeed the desired changes are possible).

6.2 Changes of Scope

Change requests should be submitted via the website at the following address: http://www.porthousedean.co.uk/changerequest.aspx. Alternatively, you should send an e-mail to support@porthousedean.co.uk. Any changes required which result from alterations to the initial proposals upon which our calculations or detailed drawings are based, or for work additional to that which was part of the original agreed scope of works, will be subject to additional fees.

7 Communications

Calls with PorthouseDean Ltd may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. 

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